Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to develop software with you?

    We need to know your project needs first in order to tell you the exact time that is required to develop your software. To tell you, it is possible to run a project from start to finish in a couple of weeks, but it’s also possible to run a project for several years. For a more precise answer, we suggest you contact a member of our business development team. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate estimate.

  • What will it cost me to develop a product with you?

    To determine the project development cost, we must first determine the scope of work. We then estimate the nature of work and labor involved. We review the hourly rates of the employees who are hired and then send you a spreadsheet.

  • Do I need to be tech-savvy to work with you?

    It doesn’t matter how much technical knowledge you have. If something is unclear or ambiguous, we will explain it to you.

  • To begin with, what information do you need from me regarding the development?

    All information will be taken from you during our 360-degree review. Answer a few questions, share wireframes if applicable, and tell us the scope, or any business challenges you’d like to be resolved.

  • How experienced are your developers?

    We have junior, mid-level, and senior engineers. You can choose the engineer who aligns best with your project requirements. Experience level won’t be an issue at our software development company.

  • Do you guarantee product quality?

    Well, we do not begin the development of the scope of the project until it is clear enough. To test your product early, we like to design wireframes or mockups. From the very beginning, we ensure quality control by working with the development team to verify that the standards are being met. The key to success is communication, so we arrange daily or weekly scrum meetings and stay accessible on product development tools at all times.

  • Do you practice agile methodology?

    Yes, we incorporate agile methodology in our software development process in an attempt to make engineering more flexible and efficient.

  • Will there be any hidden or surprise charges involved?

    Worry not for there will be no hidden or surprise charges involved because we don’t want you to end up paying exorbitantly high. We are a software development company that runs a transparent business model in which you will be aware of the total development costs.

  • What terms are included in a typical contract with Harw Solutions?

    A software contract is the written agreement between you and Harw Solutions that lays out each party’s obligations concerning the software. The NDA includes the following core elements: Usage & Restriction Ownership Terms & Termination Fees & Payment Indemnification

  • Are there post-development services offered by Harw Solutions?

    Indeed we provide post-development services (support and maintenance), and those include the following: Consultation 30 days bug-backup Any software vulnerabilities, if reported within 30 days after deployment

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